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My name is Ewelina. I live in Warsaw, Poland. But one my of my biggest dream is to move to the mountains and start living in wooden house.
For 3 years I’m the happiest wife in the World.
I belive that love always win.
I belive, that true friendship is for whole life.
I’m taking photos, becouse I know it’s the only way to stop the moment.
Each wedding is another story, each wedding session is a new chalenge.
I want to catch the key moments but as well what is going on in the meantime.
I want to show your wedding seening my by my eyes, and I always see everything beautifully.
I know how important is to have a good photpgrapher during The Wedding Day, not so long ago I was the bride.
Photos are the most valuable souvenirs from the wedding, Which will remind you of this beautiful day all your life.
That’s why I’m doing this.
I’m doing this for 150%.
I love giving, for me it’s better then than taking.
I love your joy when you’re taking your photos.
I love to watch you in front of my camera, when you’re giving eachother feeling and you’re reasting.
Peoples stories and lifes  - that’s what inspire me.
If I can’t tell a story by a word I tell them by my pictures.
I’m stories catcher, I live here and now.
I love being where many things happen.
I love to meet people and listen to them.
I wolud love to hear your story.
Fell free to check my portfolio, where you will find the best of my photos!